About Dominique's

Dominique’s Livestock Market, established in 1937 by Alicide Dominique, is a full service livestock marketing company.

In 1964, Alicide’s son, Paul Dominique, assumed ownership and management of the company. The business is now owned and operated by Alcide’s grandsons, Michael and John Dominique.  Having been raised in the cattle business, Michael and John have a strong loyalty and appreciation for the Louisiana livestock producers.  Michael manages and operates livestock marketing while John manages and operates the administration. Together they feel very blessed to continue their service to Louisiana Cattlemen. Dominique's Livestock Market is a full service livestock marketing company, servicing livestock producers through two different locations across the state of Louisiana. Dominique's provides herd marketing, management, transportation, and herd replacements seven days a week for horses, hogs, sheep and goats. Dominique's Livestock Market is a member of the Louisiana Cattlemen's Association and a member of the Livestock Marketing Association